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June 29/July 6, 2009

  Funding: NSF funds graphene ultracapacitor project
Research: See-through plastic promises solar coatings
Research: Dye drives glucose fuel cell
Funding: NSF funds catalyst durability study
Research: Relay boosts dye solar cells
Research: High-altitude wind study shows who's sitting pretty

June 15/22, 2009

Research: Nanoparticles promise superfast batteries
Research: Biomass could yield green batteries
Research: Molecular pair promises cheap white LEDs
Research: Coated nanocrystals could boost thin-film solar cells
Research: Coating converts light to solar cells' sweet spot
Funding: Japan launches battery R&D consortium

June 1/8, 2009

  Research: Process promises fuel from water and CO2
Research: Strained nanowires promise cheaper solar cells
Funding: Stimulus money boosts solar, geothermal R&D
Lab Note: NREL, Dutch lab to collaborate
Research: Artificial photosynthesis gets more sun
Research: Sulfur promises super batteries

May 18/25, 2009

Research: Feds measuring grid for renewables
Research: Microbe makes most of light
Funding: DOE looks to create "innovation hubs"
Research: Growing electricity beats growing fuel
Funding: DOE slots $110m for biofuels research
Funding: NSF funds cellulose study

May 4/11, 2009

Research: Sensors promise smart wind turbines
Research: Solar tower powers biofuel process
Research: Concentrated slivers promise cheap solar power
Research: Secret to cellulose's resilience revealed
Funding: Wind, NREL get stimulus money
Funding: DOE funds ARPA-E, 46 research centers

April 20/27, 2009

  Research: Fuel from air
Research: Printable nanotubes store power
Research: Algae proteins boost solar concentrators
Research: Material tunes light for solar cells
Research: Controller steadies offshore wind turbines
Funding: DOD funds cellulosic biofuel project
Funding: NSF funds offshore wind turbine project

April 6/13, 2009

Research: Virus-built batteries advance
Research: Iron promises cheaper fuel cells
Research: Metal heats up water splitting
Research: Pressure pumps up algae biofuel
Research: Anti-glare coating makes see-through solar cell
Funding: NSF funds hybrid solar cell project
Funding: NSF funds microbial fuel cell project

March 23/30, 2009

Research: Studies advance "cold fusion"
Research: Photovoltaic fiber boosts solar fabric prospects
Research: Nano holes make fast electricity storage
Research: Nanomaterial promises record fast batteries
Perspective: Sørensen: efficiency standards will buy us time

February 23-March 16, 2009

Research: Biomass measures up to petroleum
Research: Light splitting boosts solar cells
Research: Coated nano mesh gets more out of light
Funding & Policy: Chu to Congress: more research funding
Research: Recycled newspapers store electricity
Research: Hauling ethanol nixes benefits
Research: Fool's gold promises cheaper solar
Research: Chemical simplifies cellulosic biofuel production
Research: Nested nanotubes promise better battery electrodes

February 9/16, 2009

Research: Rot points to better biofuel production
Research: Nanotube-carbon paper combo promises light batteries
Research: Nitrogen gives nanotube fuel cells a charge
Funding: Ultracapacitors win X Prize video contest
Research: Cellulose better than gasoline, corn worse
Research: Nano beads build minuscule hydrogen catalysts
Research: Bacteria boost biofuel feedstock
Research: Sunlit nanotubes turn water and CO2 into fuel
Research: Nano metals brighten prospects for ethanol fuel cells
Funding: UK launches biofuels research center
Funding: DOE, USDA line up $25m for biofuels

January 26/February 2, 2009

  Research: Cheaper cellulosic ethanol on tap
Research: Silicon nanowires boost batteries
Research: Nano tin electrodes beat graphite
Funding: DOE lines up $6m for wind
Funding: DOE seeks input on hydrogen storage
Funding: GM funds battery research lab
Research: Aluminum's shape key to making hydrogen
Lab Note: Stanford launches energy research institute
Special Report Energy in transition: researchers talk about Obama and our future

January 12/19, 2009

Research: Scheme lets wind turbines store energy
Research: Photosynthesis drives solar fuel cell
Research: Tiny fuel cell powered by water
Research: Blood powers implantable fuel cell
Research: Layers make better nanotube batteries
Research: Micro lenses boost plastic solar cells
Research: Fungi could feed biofuel production
Research: Silicon nanoparticles promise more electricity from heat
Funding: Molecular junctions study funded

December 29, 2008/January 5, 2009

Research: Engineered algae spreads the light
Research: Solar cells produce more on edge
Research: Grid can handle renewables
Research: Nickel nixes platinum in plastic fuel cell
Funding: DOD puts another $15m into algae jet fuel

December 15/22, 2008

Research: Wind powered electric vehicles top study
Research: Nanocones soak up sunlight
Research: Leaf-shaped material harvests more light
Research: Radio technique keeps fusion gas in place
Research: Coffee grounds get second life as biodiesel feedstock
Research: Engineered E. coli promise biofuel production
Lab Note: Public grid to hunt for solar plastics
Funding: DOD pumps $20m into algae jet fuel

December 1/8, 2008

Research: Fine-tuned reflector ups solar cell output
Research: Plasmons promise more solar power
Research: Holey silicon promises better solar cells
Research: Porous silicon boosts lithium batteries
Research: Terrain models reveal prime wind farm turf
Funding: Oklahoma lands $15m for biofuels research
Lab Note: NREL, Petrobras collaborate on biofuels

November 17/24, 2008

Policy: Net energy under fire
Research: Inkjet printer advances solar hydrogen
Research: Rubber loosens up silicon
Funding: Biomass hydrogen project funded
Lab Note: NREL taps Iberdrola to measure sunshine
Lab Note: Center to test biofuels in engines
Research: Carbon promises cheap solar hydrogen
Research: Coating passes more light to solar cells
Research: Wire generates electricity
Research: Solar cells go micro

November 3/10, 2008

Research: The dyes have it
Research: Rubber stamping plastic solar cells
Research: Reflectivity boosts solar coating prospects
Research: Nanotube-silicon pairing makes solar cell
Research: Nano brushes generate power
Funding: Sustainable biofuels project funded
Funding: Engineered algae project funded

October 20/27, 2008

Research: Dye solar cell goes both ways
Research: Nanotubes crank up microbe power
Research: Pressure pumps up microbe power
Research: Compressed air gives solar a sunny outlook
Research: Local wind power cuts peak costs
Funding: DOE awards $43m for geothermal R&D
Funding: Feds release biofuels action plan

October 6/13, 2008

Research: Process prints flexible silicon solar cells
Research: Tuned power doubles solar hydrogen generation
Research: Sugar powers bio battery
Research: Polar bear fur inspires solar fibers
Research: Tiny power source modeled on eel cells
Q & A: University of Delaware's Robert Birkmire
Policy: Scientists call for sustainable biofuels policies
Funding: Renewable energy research center launched
Funding: NSF funds vehicle-to-grid project
Lab Note: US-India energy research collaboration unveiled

September 22/29, 2008

Research: Electricity gets more out of gas
Research: Process makes gas from biomass
Research: Genetically modified microbe cranks out ethanol
Research: Atom-thin carbon material stores big charge
Research: Proposed nano carbon could pack in hydrogen
Funding: DOE, EPSRC fund heat storage research
Funding: X Prize launches green video contest

September 8/15, 2008

Research: Bugs inspire better solar cell coatings
Research: Plant-inspired molecule boosts water splitting
Research: Nano mesh conducts better
Research: Light trap boosts solar cells
Research: Textured mirror limits light loss
Research: Semiconductors stand out for getting more out of light
Q & A: Imperial College London's Nigel Brandon
Funding: DOE readies clean energy tech for market
Startups & Spinoffs: Algae research spawns biofuel startups

August 25/September 1, 2008

Funding: NSF funding to put brain cells on grid control
Research: Cheap catalyst makes hydrogen from biofuel
Research: Copper-based solar cells made easier
Research: Plastic car batteries advance
Research: Balloons give rise to new solar energy
Lab Note: NREL posts solar cell efficiency record
Funding: DOE taps 12 teams for solar grid funds
Funding: DOE funds 10 hydrogen storage projects
Funding: Australia funds intelligent grid projects

August 11/18, 2008

Research: Cheap catalyst boosts solar hydrogen prospects
Research: Materials dramatically drop fuel cell temps
Research: Plastic-Goretex combo drives fuel cell
Research: Miscanthus beats switchgrass for ethanol
Research: Biomass-to-biofuel simplified
Funding: Caltech-MIT solar hydrogen project lands $20m
Funding: UK funds hydrogen storage project
Funding: NSF funds solar fuels, solar cell projects

July 28/August 4, 2008

Research: Heat-to-electricity efficiency doubled
Research: Cheaper white LEDs on deck
Research: Island scheme minimizes grid outages
Research: Carbon nanosheets hold more electricity
Q & A: UNSW's Martin Green
Funding: DOE rounds out small biofuel refinery funding
Funding: Microgrid, supercapacitor and solar hydrogen projects funded
Lab Note: NREL taps Dow for ethanol project
Lab Note: NREL assembles clean energy test fleet

July 14/21, 2008

Research: Window generates electricity
Research: Salts boost dye solar cells
Funding: UK pumps $38m into artificial photosynthesis
Research: Satellite shows where the wind blows
Research: Algae-to-hydrogen system closes the loop
Lab Note: Bosch Group joins MIT Energy Initiative
Lab Note: Argonne device tracks plug-in hybrid performance

June 30/July 7, 2008

Research: Hydrogen peroxide powers
Research: Hydrogen storage hits 10%
Research: 3D solar cells catch rebounds
Research: Dye boosts nanotube solar cell
Q & A: Penn State's Craig Grimes
Research: Enzyme cranks out cheap semiconductor
Research: Ceramic promises cooler fuel cells
Funding: DOE lines up $90m for geothermal research
Lab Note: Demo car hits 100 mpg
Lab Note: A123 Systems taps NREL to boost hybrid batteries
Funding: Solar and algae projects funded

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